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Hamburg Portfolio Review Official Opening

15.09.2023 Beginn: 18:00

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The third Hamburg Portfolio Review celebrates photographic storytelling and creativity. Founded by representatives from GEO and Stern, in cooperation with the FREELENS Foundation and the University of Applied Sciences Europe, the HPR provides a platform for photographers and professionals in the photo industry, to connect, support, learn, and grow within the dynamic photo landscape. The event features exhibitions, a panel discussion, Keynote presentation and networking opportunities that promote photographic exchange and collaboration. And don’t miss our podcast VISUAL MINDS. 

The official HPR opening will take place on Friday 15.09.2023 at the Altonaer Museum. Admission starts at 5.45 pm in the foyer.

Kindly supported by Canon Europe, the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media, Intesa Sanpaolo, the Altonaer Museum and Hahnemühle.

Hamburg Portfolio Review will be streamed live on the Website and HPR Instagram Account.

With Prof. Dr. Anja Dauschek (Altonaer Museum) and the founders of HPR
Prof. Heike Ollertz, Lars Lindemann and Andreas Trampe.

07:00—08:30 pm CET
Get together in the Foyer and opening of the HPR public space exhibition on Platz der Republik in front of the Altonaer Museum.

Curated by Prof. Dr. Nina Röder (HPR/UE)
07:15 — 07:45 pm CET
First guided tour

07:45 — 08:15 pm CET
Second guided tour

With works of Pan Wang, Karolina Jonderko, Nicole Rastrelli, Gabriele Cecconi, Charlotte Troll, Daniela Balestrin, Hanna Jarzabek, Bjorn Elltor, Mitar Smikic, Tatiana Illina, Magnus Terhorst, Paulina Hildesheim, Vanessa Vettorello, Gerd Waliszewski, Helena Lea Manhartsberger, Michele Spatari, Varvara Uhlik, Jan Richard Heinicke and Tianjun Li.

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