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The Dufke shop

The journalist and photographer Albrecht Schreiber brought Magdalene Dufkes’ shop to the attention of the Altonaer Museum in 1978. In December 1978/January 1979 the shop was secured for the museum with a generous donation from the publishers Gruner & Jahr. Now recreated in the museum, the shop, apart from the remaining church and cemetery, will soon be the only surviving visible reminder of a blossoming village community going back to the Middle Ages, whose fate was so closely connected to that of Altona and Hamburg that in the end it became a victim of their economic expansion.

The “Dufke shop”, now saved from demolition and rebuilt in the museum, will teach people in times to come about a disappearing form of “communicative shopping”. However, the museum deliberately did not try to reconstruct the shop and stock as it was when it was first built by Magdalene Dufkes’ grandfather Adolf Wülfken in 1890, but instead decided to recreate the situation of the shop in 1978.

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