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About The Warehouse District Museum

Deutschland, Hamburg, Speicherstadt, Fleet, Kehrwiederfleet

Discover Hamburg’s World Cultural Heritage! Grippers, bales of rubber, coffee-sacks, sampling implements, pure cocoa and spices: The Speicherstadtmuseum is located on an authentic floor of a redbrick warehouse that is over a hundred and twenty years old (from 1888) where typical goods and tools collected from traditional warehouse companies and business premises of the warehouse district are exhibited.

What’s on

Warehouse District Museum / Speicherstadtmuseum

Huge rivets hold the iron supports of this historic warehouse together. Originally built in the year 1888, this is part of the very first construction phase of the world famous warehouse complex. If you want to know what makes the Warehouse District so special, then this is the place to visit.

The Warehouse District Museum belongs to the Foundation of Historic Museums Hamburg, but it was actually founded in 1995 by Henning Rademacher as a private branch of the Museum of Work, which has proved to be a very successful format. This is where you can find out about how the “quartermasters” used to store, sample and refine high quality imported goods such as coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, rubber or tobacco – and with all the samples on display here, you can experience this with all your senses.

Hamburg’s UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Guided walking tour

A guided walking tour through the Speicherstadt will give you an insight into the urban interaction of the Speicherstadt in direct contact with the new HafenCity and will focus on the history of the former free port district and its present role as part of Hamburg’s UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. It will not only open your eyes to a wide range of details of the unique 19th century red-brick architecture, but is also a journey back in time that will make you perceive the authentic atmosphere of the former dockland area. The contrast of nature and technical perfection that complement one another, the power of the tides, the threat of storm-tides, the strength and the skill of the workmen are only some of the themes of the tour. To complete the impression the tour will also include the Speicherstadtmuseum.

Permanent exhibitions

Our services


The museum has a small café with a variety of hot and cold drinks and a choice of cakes. 
Open during museum opening hours. Reservations can be made in advance.


The shop offers a wide range of gifts and exclusive merchandise inspired by the museum’s collection and its location including different teas, coffee, postcards, posters, mugs, tins and sweets. We stock a range of books, covering related topics such as local history, shipping, labour, tea, coffee and other luxury commodities, local language and guide books.