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Your visit at the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte

The museum presents the history of the city – from Hammaburg to proud Hanseatic city when it was literally the “gateway to the world”. You can find out everything from the pirates of the 14th and 15th centuries to how the city developed into a modern metropolis and became one of the most important ports in Europe. The museum building was constructed on the site of the former Henricus Bastion, part of the baroque fortifications erected by Dutchman Jan van Valckenborgh between 1616 and 1625.




The Museum of Hamburg History is currently being modernized for you and is therefore closed. The building will be structurally renovated starting in the beginning of 2024 and the permanent exhibition will be redesigned. New exhibition rooms as well as areas for educational programms, a new shop and restaurant are being created. The museum will remain closed to the public during the modernization.


Getting there

Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg
Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte
Holstenwall 24
20355 Hamburg

Phone +49 40 428 132 100
E-Mail info@am.shmh.de

U-Bahn Line U3, stop St. Pauli
Bus 112, stop “Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte”


The museum library is a specialised library. It collects Hamburg literature in the broadest sense of the term, including publications on the city’s history, architecture, shipping, the harbour, transport, cultural history, the city quarters and about Hamburg personalities and families. 

Bibliothek im Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte