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Mission Statement of the Hamburg historical museums foundation

As one of the largest foundations of historical museums in Europe, our aim is to provide orientation in exploring the past and the present and to assume and share responsibility for an open, democratic society.

We are an active part of Hamburg’s society, while our content and activities extend far beyond the Hamburg metropolitan region. We present relevant topics for discussion and unlock national and international contexts.

We want to inspire as many people as possible for history. Due to the extraordinary diversity of our museums and their offerings, we address society at large. The authentic experience of objects is the starting point and foundation of our work.

We create spaces for exhibitions, discussions and discourses that enable participation and inclusion. We are open to new perspectives, working methods and types of collaboration. Our programs are designed to invite people to experience the ability and effectiveness of their own actions.

Our buildings should be characterized by high amenity values and invite people to linger. We aim to have museums that are easily accessible and barrier-free throughout.

Diversity and a variety of perspectives in the past and present are crucial to us. This is reflected in our collections, exhibitions and manner of communication. In all areas of our work we want to act in a way that is diversity-sensitive and anti-discriminatory.

Together, we strive for sustainability based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to these goals, our activities focus on the core museum tasks in the areas of collecting, preserving, researching/documenting and exhibiting/communicating in close alignment with the recognized standards of the DMB and ICOM guidelines.