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Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is the central decision-making body of the SHMH. Chaired by the Head of the Ministry of Culture and Media, it decides on all fundamental issues and matters of the Foundation, unless these are directly assigned to the Executive Board. The Board currently has the following members:


Senator Dr. Carsten Brosda
Head of the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg

Deputy Chairman

Thomas Delissen
Department Theatre, Libraries, Museums | Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg

Kersten Albers
Chairman Members of the Museum of Work / “Freunde des Museums der Arbeit e.V.”

Gudrun Buck
Head of Staff Council | Historic Museums Hamburg Foundation

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Heinsohn
Deputy Director Research Centre for Contemporary History in Hamburg | University of Hamburg

Dr. Willfried Maier
Minister off duty | Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Dr. Bettina Schomburg
Head of Controlling | Ministry of Finance Hamburg

Photos: Elke Schneider, Bente Stachowske, Jörn Kipping