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From here to there On the move with compass and navigation system

11.10.2022 – 16.07.2023

When seafarers plot their course, an expedition route is planned on land or a child goes to school, the question is always: How do I get from here to there? This basic question was asked centuries ago, when familiar landmarks used to point the way back to the campfire. It still exists today, when the smartphone suggests the fastest route for the destination. In between lie many inventions and developments of different techniques for orientation and navigation.

Using Hamburg‘s special features from the past and present, the exhibition „FROM HERE TO THERE“ asks: What is navigation and what is orientation? How do we move in urban space and how can seafarers orient themselves? How does a captain or pilot find his way to his destination and how can this knowledge be passed on to others? In addition to many historical objects, special routes from the past and present are presented: From the route of the saltpetre around 1900 to autonomous buses in Hamburg‘s Hafencity today. In addition, there are hands-on stations on all topics where visitors can try out what they have just learned.

The exhibition will be presented together with the German Harbour Museum (under construction) at the Schuppen 50a. It is based on an interactive touring exhibition for children aged 8 – 12, which was developed by the Altonaer Museum together with the Focke Museum Bremen, the German Maritime Museum Bremerhaven and the European Hanse Museum Lübeck. In Altona, the children‘s exhibition was expanded to include a cultural history exhibition for adults.

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